NFL’s new look. I like, mostly, do you?

19 09 2007


The NFL has apparently updated their logo. It’s not terribly different, but I like what they’ve done. Seems more modern and hip, and there really was no need for so many stars. The new football logo is better (and supposed to look more like the ball on the Lombardi trophy), too. The only part that bugs me is the type- is it me, or is it strange how the bottoms of the letters remain straight and angular, and the crest is rounded on the corners and the point? Almost like the old type fit better? I do like the new font better, but wonder if it coulda been massaged a little more….what do you think?

PS- logo won’t see use until 2008 draft.




2 responses

21 09 2007
Jared Rippy

I agree that it could of been a lot worse of an update. I like the new football except for the line that splits in ball in half shouldn’t be tapered and I think the the bottom of the shield should fit the new typeface, with straight edges to a point, instead of the slightly altered curvascious point. THen it would be a nice fit and more uniformed.

3 10 2007

Yeah, I’m with you on the type. It doesn’t seem that well thought out. And the negative space left by the “L” seems awkward too. Not sure what can be done about it but it looks incomplete.

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