First in-house screenprinting job!

27 11 2007


We have done our first screenprinting job down in the dregs of the Sukle basement and we’re psyched how it worked out. We’ve been printing lots in conjunction w/ T2P in Boulder, but it’s supa sweet to have a spot in Denver to do some paint pushing.

This poster was the first “official” Sukle screenprint job, and was for the Highlands neighborhood just north of downtown. We are basically located in Highlands, so it was fun to work on something for our ‘hood. We enjoyed contributing to the local scene, and are even more fired up to continue pumping out some sweet hand made propaganda downstairs. Stay tuned for more radicalness.

Posters are on sale around the Highlands Square shops, so if you’re ’round there and like it, go get one. They’re really cheap ($25) for a hand printed piece of art.




3 responses

28 11 2007

Woo! nice work dudes. does he have a fro?

29 12 2007
Lifter Baron

Super Radical!

6 01 2008
paul isakson


Now I’ll have to figure out how to get one, if they’re still available…

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