Crafty-ness on the bike front

23 06 2008

In this world of automated factory production, we as a culture have lost an appreciation for things that are hand crafted. Even we advertising and design people rely on computers to complete our visions. So, we thought we’d shed some light on some very amazing hand made creations. Meet Vanilla Bicycles. Housed in Portland, OR. The builder quotes his beginnings in bike frame building as this: “I started building bike frames with a lust for fine craftsmanship and a developed eye for detail.” And, he has done just that. Cruise the site and look at all the hand crafted details in their bikes. Beautiful.

Next, meet Renovo Bicycles. These guys are doing something cool in the bike world, as well. These guys are kinda the opposite of Vanilla in that they do all the design and building with computer technology, but what they’re doing is very unique and also quite beautiful. Hardwood frames! While you may think “CLUNKER!” (I did), once you realize the frames are hollow, you realize they are onto something here: an environmentally friendly bike that looks very sweet and has a great ride (wood dampens shocks). Nice work, guys. Oh, and to really see the images of the bikes, open the ‘specs’ PDF they have on their site. Hey, Renovo, you guys need a new site to really show those sweet bikes off. We’d do it if you were interested….




One response

16 07 2008

Hey Guys,
Thanks for the kind words and offer. Wish I had read this before. I didn’t want to do a website, so we hired a couple of guys who had done some great stuff. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for us, wound up at the last minute with a gruesome site, so I did it myself anyway. Thank you Squarespace, huge improvement over the lame PDF.

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