Keep ’em flowing

17 07 2008

First off, we’re really psyched to have this finally in effect. We’ve been trying to get this idea done for a few years- finally conveyor belt advertising is available in our market! Well, we all know how scarce water is in these parts. Being a high desert climate, it’s a precious resource. So, we thought a general consciousness message would work great for these: the belts are shots of a river (we shot the Blue river Silverthorne), so as the food/conveyor runs it appears to be the river flowing by. The dividers between orders say “Keep our rivers flowing”. Use only what you need, people.

Look for ’em in Sunflower Market and Vitamin Cottage.




2 responses

10 08 2008
Nicole Ebertowski

I absolutely love this idea! I’ve never seen it before. All the water ads are so clever, fun and purposefully eye-catching. Well done.

12 08 2008
“Only What You Need” Denver Water Campaign • Justin Cline

[…] many angles they’re hitting this issue; you really can’t miss it if you live here. From print ads, street installations (billboards, barrels, and park benches), supermarket work, and the television […]

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