17 07 2008

Here’s some fun “non traditional” stuff we’ve been playing with. The barrel structures are placed around town (Stapleton, zoo, Belmar and one going in on 16th st mall this weekend) and say things like “Gone, history, adios, sayonara, kaput. This much water down the drain every month if you don’t adjust your sprinkler system.” The idea here is that by showing people exactly how much water things like a dripping faucet or running toilet or unadjusted sprinkler system waste, then maybe they’ll be compelling enough to actually change people’s behavior. To us, seeing just how much water it equates to is quite a statement, as it really looks like a lot of water. Jump on the bandwagon, people, but stay off the barrels.

The sandwich board guys are just us having fun with the using only what you need concept. I mean, really, do you NEED clothes? Especially in this darn hot summer we’re having in Denver? The guys aren’t really naked, as they’re wearing flesh colored spandex shorts, but man, on first glance they look naked. Needless to say, they are getting a LOT of attention on the streets.




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