DNC and Denver

26 08 2008

I have to say, the DNC is kinda nuts here. Protesters, cops, you name it, they’re all floating around downtown. And seeing as how I bike thru it each way to work, it’s wild to see it happen. I have to admit, that it really feels like something big is going down here, and it’s very cool to feel like a part of it.  Today, we go to see the Manifest Hope show which houses some of the most influential ‘guerrilla artists’ political work. I hear it’s amazing an we’re all fired up to see it. Artists include Shepard Fairey and The Mac to name a few. This obey wheatpaste shown above I see on my way to and fro work on my bike, and I gotta say, I’m very pumped up that the DNC brings the heat with rad street art. Frankly, Denver has been lacking in that category, and to see Shepard is here and posting Obey stuff around town is really exciting. More steet art to come as I find it.




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6 11 2008
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