Fuser Lost Emails Campaign

28 10 2008

Here’s some new work we just rolled out for Fuser. Fuser is a free email aggregator, which allows you to access all your email and social networking messages in one place–thus preventing important messages from being missed or received too late.

Our campaign launched with a bi-coastal out-of-home effort. We scattered urgent missed messages across San Francisco and New York City neighborhoods, as though lost. The messages began appearing during music, film and other high-foot-traffic festivals. Additionally, we created a concurrent site, nevermissamessage.com, where visitors can create their own missed and lost messages, as well as check out an archive of missed messages–some of which are depicted in animated videos. Check it out, if you’re not too easily offended.





One response

28 10 2008
Justin McCammon

Great work, I like the OOH emails.

One thing though (not sure if Sukle has anything to do with this or not), I can’t access Fuser.com because I’m using IE6 (I’m in IT lockdown). It’s cool to remind me about newer browsers (which I use at home) or mention that the site might not function on an older browsers, but how about an override option so I can get into the site? The best thing about having all your email, messages, etc going to one place is having that site available from any place, including places where you only have IE6 to work with.

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