ok so we like bacon

19 11 2008


Yes, it’s a strange fetish, but we can’t stop thinking about bacon. It’s just so delicious, and apparently, it goes with everything. Today we stumbled across chocolate chip cookies with bacon and maple cinnamon glaze. Now, before you are quick to dismiss, I have to harken back to a maple bacon cupcake I ate a few weeks ago. Initial thoughts were sketpical, but it only took one bite to realize the perfection. Salt and sweet taste buds tickled with sublime flavors simulatneously. Heaven. Let me know if anyone makes these cookies and how they turn out.




6 responses

20 11 2008

Have you seen (or tasted) ?

It’s delicious!

20 11 2008

What I meant to link to was: http://www.baconsalt.com

20 11 2008

We actually have placed an order. we hear it’s fantastic. excited to try.

20 12 2008
Zach O.

I proposed this for an updated Sukle website;

2 01 2009
Zach O.

You guys might want to look into the joining the Holy Church of Bacon.

6 01 2009
Justin Paluch

Was the bacon cupcake from Tee & Cakes in Boulder? I had one there once, but now they do them on Saturday. They’ve taken their salty porcine love away from me.

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