The name alone speaks volumes: ‘bacon explosion’

30 01 2009


We are admittedly fixated on all things pork over here (as well as innovative facial hair renderings). So, it’s no wonder we’ve been sent this link quite a few times in recent days. It’s the mother of all pork invention. The bacon explosion. Yikes. This bad boy originates in Kansas City where some BBQ hobbyists were posed the question “what can BBQers do with bacon?” Jason Day and Aaron Chronister, who anchor a barbecue team called Burnt Finger BBQ, are active bloggers on the art of smoking meat, and fielded the challenge with deft bacon smoking skill. They acquired 2lbs of bacon and 2lbs of sausage, then wove most bacon into a mat, placed sausage on top, then topped the sausage with crispy cooked bacon. Lordy! After rolling it up into a neat log it was smoked in thier “practice” smoker (yes they have a practice smoker and a custom built competition smoker), and voila! Bacony goodness. Read more about it and see more pics here.




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