Trading carcinogens is the new hot game for kids!

2 02 2009



With Wyoming’s chewing tobacco population passing the habit along to thier children and young adults, we thought we should attempt to speak to the children, since thier parents and grandparents obviously weren’t.  We researched the collectability of card games that children play and decided to create one of our own. The idea is that there are 28 carcinogens in chew, and with so many present one is bound to succeed. We created an evil character for the carcinogens (super cool illustrations by David Hudnut) and gave them each a unique card and identity. Some were handed out to kids in school, with hopes that they will want to collect all of the set, learning about the harms of chewing tobacco as they do (and informing thier parents!). Additional cards are handed out at Through with Chew events, and will get children to get thier parents to attend these events. A poster was also created with all the characters in a sort of battle scene advance…coming to ‘get’ chew users.




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9 02 2009
paula rizzo ponto com » Campanha anti-fumo diferenciada

[…] Imaginem um “super trunfo” que apresenta, de um jeito lúdico e cool, os diversos elementos que podem causar câncer. Criados pela agência Sukle Advertising + Design! eles são capazes de ensinar sem ser com isto serem chatos. O projeto inclui também o pôster (à esquerda na foto). Vejam mais sobre o projeto aqui. […]

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