Opinions from a Mexican Girl

13 02 2009

(Introducing our newest blog contributor and our resident expert on Mexican culture, Caryn. She will be weighing in on life at Sukle and in the US from the eyes of a Mexican immigrant, while educating us on the intricacies of the Spanish language and the ways of the latino. Arrriiiiibbbbaaa!!!)

Buenos Días.

The word blogging in Spanish means “speaking one mind no matter how little other people want to hear it” – This phenomena is similar to when your mother nags at you with her opinions.

Blogging is definately not part of my DNA, it is actually against it. But giving my opinion is so I took this opportunity because any contribution I can make to the educating non-Mexicans about Mexican culture, its worth it.

So my name is Caryn and I am Chihuahuan (hold the jokes). I am here to help you correct your verbal ticks, other wise called Mexican earsores, and breach the gap, the abyss as wide as el Rio Grande as some might call it, of cultural differences between us. Just so you know that I am a true Mexican, I have posted my photo as proof of nationality and authenticity.

Lets just start from the start. The word HOLA is not pronounced HO (like in hoe) – LAA. Skip the H, its just OLA. Many people make this rookie mistake. I just heard it a month ago and it was painful. Here are a few more words to help you with this romantic holiday approaching. Try using your best construction worker voice to add impact:





One response

17 02 2009

First, I would like to congratulate you for the idea to talk about mexican culture.
Just as an idea, would be nice to read about the TORTILLA use on mexican cuisine. Is not only taco bell, but all the food variety that Mexico has with this important ingredient.

Hey, did you steal the wrestler mask for a mexican wedding? It´s very nice though.

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