11 03 2009


For the outdoor portion of our Tap stuff, we really focused on the fact that for only $1 you can provide 4o days of clean water to a child in need in a developing country. It’s such a small amount, yet it does so much for those in need. So, the ads really hammer home the money = water proposition, and we took some faux fashion shots where the pockets and purses are leaking water, because in all our heads those sassy fashion models are loaded and can certainly spare some cash/water. Not pictured is the male version of the bus shelter, and it’s a much wider shot of the billboard image. Look for them around town, but more importantly, donate a dollar for your tap water at participating restaurants in Denver between March 22 and 28 and hlep those in need. You can also donate at tapproject.org.

Seeing as how this is a pro bono project, we really wanna thank all those who came together to help us. We could not have done this without you. Many thanks:

PHOTOGRAPHY: Richard Feldman Studios
TALENT: Sebastian Ramirez  – Donna Baldwin Talent
TALENT: Lori Auguste Sullivan – Donna Baldwin Talent

We’d also like to thank Lamar Advertising, Mile High Outdoor, Great Big Color, BP Graphics and Lange Graphics for donating their services.




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