Tap Ambient

30 03 2009

We had some fun with this one. After seeing the deplorable state of people’s drinking water around the globe, we realized we’re really quite lucky with our clean water availability. I mean, where I’m currently sitting there’s multiple sources of clean, fresh water just feet away. But in most places in the world, people have to take what they can find, often drinking out of dirty water holes, filthy streams and polluted ponds or standing water. So, we thought we’d show folks just what it’s like to live in a place where clean drinking water isn’t considered an expected luxury. We stenciled these messages pictured above around town (with spray chalk, not paint) pointing into street drains, porta-pottys, and anywhere else some sort of dirty water resided. The copy reads: “Free drinking water. Nearly 900 million people in the world have no other choice.” Big thanks to C2 media for cutting these bad boys for us pro bono. Gotta love the free jobs!




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