Opinions of a Mexican Girl

29 04 2009

Yesterday I discovered something awful, shameful in fact: Mexico ranks number two as the most obese country in the world. Guess who is number one? Do I really need to say who? The thing is that I always thought that our home cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables would offset all those chips, candy, gallons of beer and coke that we joyfully consume several times a day. Mexico is one of the biggest buyers of coke too – the beverage. I didn’t see this one coming. I was blinded by mexicanism, the prideful love of one’s country. Maybe I can blame it on the irresistible kilos of hot fresh tortillas we enjoy. I just hope that the new BK Texas Double Whooper doesn’t reach Mexico and crushes our Ricardo Simmons/Hate the Tortilla social marketing campaign before it even starts.

Since it seems that people south and north from the border should get on one, the appropriate word of the day is:





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