Less billboard, more art

5 05 2009



I found this over on Cool Hunting and thought it was both entertaining and also really relevant to what we do here at Sukle. Apparently Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign did some research and found out that a lot of billboards in NY were illegal, and that the NPA was making huge profits off these illegal boards. To say there are a lot of billboards around there would be a gross understatement. New Yorkers are absolutely bombarded by advertisements. Anyway, to propose an alternate useage of these boards, Seiler created the New York Advertising Takeover. What a cool idea. A brigade of citizens set out upon the cityscape to make the boards their own works of art. I mean, if they aren’t regisgtered boards, then they’re technically fair game, right? These folks rocked NY’s world on Sat, April 25th, turning lots of illegal billboards into custom works of art. They first whitewashed the illegal NPA boards, then got jiggy with some really cool pieces. 80 artists turned 126 billboards into art. The best part? Only four people were arrested during the transformation of the boards. Check out all the boards here on this flickr set. Nice work people.




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