wolf shirt

7 05 2009


Wow, this shirt is very very radical. Maybe it’s my inner-redneck, maybe it’s my love of all things wolf. Who knows? Either way, it’s worthy of the many 5-star ratings users have given it on Amazon. For example:” I liked the design of this Tshirt so much that I ordered two of them. Then the idea came to me that I could use them as seat covers in my Camaro because I’m all about classing up my ride. I stretched the Wolf shirts over the backs of my Camaro seats and it’s now the hottest car in the entire trailer park. Unfortunately my T-tops started leaking the other day, and before I could fix them up with some duct tape the Wolf shirts got a little wet. But the Wolf shirts lapped up the water like a ShamWow. A ShamWow with bitchin’ wolves on it. Not much hope for the Kraco 8 track player, though. Maybe if the tape player had wolves on it, it would still work too. Long live the Wolf T-shirt.”

Go read more of these reviews. You will laugh out loud whilst reading the magical powers these bad boys possess. Apparently people are even hoping to bring folks back from the dead with the power of the lupine art. Guess we found our Sukle softball team jerseys.




2 responses

14 05 2009
Brian Son

Wow, that made my day.

29 05 2009

I had this shirt in high school. Oh yes.. Yes I did.

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