Beard Team USA

22 05 2009

Continuing our love of all things beards (and bacon, but that’s not relevant for this post), thought I’d add this little gem: From the site:

Beard Team USA competes for the United States at the biennial World Beard and Moustache Championships. In doing so, our primary goal is to promote the worldwide appreciation of beards and moustaches.  Other goals include making the United States competitive in the WBMC, promoting and publicizing the WBMC, facilitating the attendance of members and others at the championships, having fun, and making new friends from our own and other countries.

A sampling of the Beard Team USA members:


Eric. (technically sideburns, and not a beard, but still awesome.)



The next WMBC takes place in Anchorage, Alaska (KT’s hometown!), on May 23, 2009 (that’s tomorrow, yo). Beard Team USA is planning a group trip and you are invited. You don’t need a beard or moustache to join the fun. (No boring people please.)

And by boring, I’m sure they mean no “people without copious amounts of sweet facial hair that can be (man)scaped into interesting shapes.” You know who you are.

Good luck, Beard Team USA.





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