Opinions of a Mexican Girl

8 06 2009

I was once asked about the huge, gaudy, multicolor, shiny stickers that some cars, well mostly trucks, have on their back windows. After thinking about the reason for such cultural behavior, I realized that in Mexico people actually don’t put those stickers on their cars. There are no displays of the Virgin Mary (except inside public busses), last names or place of origin.  If someone has a sticker on their car it is far more discreet than our paisas, short for paisanos. Paisano is the name give to the Mexicans who work here, but still have ties to Mexico and go back to their country often.

But why the strange behavior? I don’t know, maybe we are hoping that some distant relative will find us cruising down Federal, stereo blasting, picking up chicks, 10000 miles away from home. I admit these stickers are a bit much, but you guys have your fair amount of bumper communication – the evolution fish eating a smaller fish, the Christian fish, and finally the evolution fish eating the Christian fish. It is like a silent bumper war. We don’t have that problem since we are all Catholics.

Besides, it is obvious that any culture that drives around with rubberized male private parts hanging from their truck bumpers is hardly in a place to judge others. I don’t even want to get into that.

I guess we don’t have as many honor roll students or colleges to be proud of either, but we sure are proud of that extra last name that we were given. If you got it, flaunt it! Or as a few gringo’s do “let it hang”.

So the word of the day is testosterone since there is plenty to go around.





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