Anybody missing Skwinkles?

8 10 2009

lost puppy small-1

Well aren’t we just suckers for a cute dog? The number of dogs to humans at Sukle is sometimes almost even, so you KNOW we can’t pass a stray that is cute and in need of some warm shelter. This little girl was found right outside our office (roughly 32nd and Zuni) and had no collar and was really filthy. Caryn has taken her home the last few nights and bathed and cleaned her up nicely. While we’d all love to keep Skwinkles (our name for her) as a studio dog, we’ve got plenty of those already. So, if you know anyone missing a really cute, tiny, female cocker spaniel-type pooch, have them give us a call. We’re 303 964 9100. She’s a sweet dog, and seems like she was cared for, so somebody is surely missing her.




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