Opinions of a Mexican Girl

2 11 2009

day of the dead

Día de los Muertos. Day of the Dead. All Souls Day. The day that you celebrate all those who have departed this world. The Mexican Halloween. So we decided to have a little celebration and make a random list of  those who sadly have left and those who should stay dead and buried 6 feet deep or just go away:


Ricardo Montealban and Tattoo – A simpler time when reality TV didn’t involve looking at people eating pig uterus or showing the entire population just how freaky they really are.

Original VW bugs – This is really old news but Mexico sold the last bug some years ago…sad…so many memories. You could never drive a shiny new, super basic bug off the lot ever again.

Old rain forest that has been cut.

Cuddly stuffed animals you used to tell your dreams to when you were a child (but should probably not sleep with anymore).

Should go:

Hanna Montana – Nobody buys that innocent act anymore…well except 15 million kids.

Shoulder pads – Gooone. American Apparel, don’t even think abut it.

Ballon boy’s dad –  No need to explain.

Parachute pants – When where those in style?

Uggs! – from what I read they are not very loved, except by their owners.

Any product in which material you can print a photo of yourself or your
adorable kids.

=) ; ) – dead.

So the word of the day is trend because everything you think is cool now will probably embarrass you tomorrow, or at least that is probably what Melanie Griffin thinks of her Working Girl’s stylist.

lesson 7





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