Ten Lords-A-Leaping

24 11 2009

Target’s Billboard in Times Square

If Christmas is the time when “want is most acutely felt,” then this shining image from Target tries to assuage a deep longing. In this beautiful example, a commercial image reinterprets old-world, oral culture — without irony. Here, the fairy tale is revived with modern imagery.

More so in New York than anywhere else on the planet, the businessman is tainted goods. We all know the men of Wall St. are getting coal for Christmas. They have let us down. This image completely ignores that reality and hits us right where we harbor an unfulfilled desire. We want our men to be noble. We want them to climb the white staircase in defense of Justice. Here we see them doing just that, but doing it in sync, not as self-interested individuals. These men are organized for the greater good. They move in the form of migrating birds, telling us there is a change underway. With red ties behind them, they leap upward like latter-day corporate elves, coming to lead the economy north. Well done, Target.





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