15 12 2009

We Are Animals

It’s not that often that I’m really, really moved by advertising. Especially from a brand I thought I’d never believe in. But this does it for me.

Wrangler Europe won the Grand Prix for Print at Cannes recently. For a campaign that asks us not to think, I’ve had a hard time getting it out of my mind. It’s a brilliant counterpoint to Levi’s highbrow literary path.

Wrangler shows us images of man living as animals. The way we might have lived before we were accountants, businessmen and receptionists. Before we lived by clocks and calendars. Before we made our lives safe, dull and mind numbing. We were animals, independent and self-reliant.

In America, people who wear Wrangler live in brutal, rugged country where a person is reminded of their human-scale limits every day—where people live by their own rules, and die by them, too. Wrangler justifiably owns a piece of that American animal instinct. The most interesting part of all is that they’re selling it to Europeans.





3 responses

17 12 2009

This is a great campaign. Long before Western man went about in suits we were tribal and primal, testing ourselves against the fjords and and tundra. America was supposed to be about that wild spirit, but technology took over too quickly, and softened us. America became about making money, not getting in touch with our animus. We still have the wide-open spaces; we just need to remember how to run free in them.

23 12 2009

I think the print is terrible. However, I think the “concept” is great. The TV really takes it to the next level, however.

20 01 2010
Mike King

In my opinion, the films are breakthrough. The print doesn’t do it for me so much, then again, it is a European campaign. And it’s much more interesting than the Levi’s monstrosity.

Nice find.

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