Opinions of a Mexican Girl

30 12 2009

There is a thing that I always find funny about this country, its obsession for sweet sugary flavors on all kinds of foods. The holidays have made me notice this cultural practice even more. It seems that salty recipes are reconfigured by crazy Charlie in the Wonka Factory to attract everyone’s sweet tooth. Sweet pickles, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, sweet salad dressings, candied sweet potatoes (aren’t they sweet enough), turkey with cranberry sauce, popcorn, bacon cupcakes, bacon peanut brittle, and my most favorite of all, the ever present baked beans! Even coke and ice cream taste sweeter to me here  as compared to Mexico.

This practice is like the equivalent of being pregnant and having cravings….And yet, we Mexicans are just as guilty of overindulgence because we put chili powder and lemon juice on just about everything. About 75% of the candy in all of their forms have these two ingredients sprinkled on them. Beer, margaritas, ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, corn on the cob, popcorn with jalapeños, meats, hotdogs. We are equally as bad, but it all depends which side of the taste buds you are on.

So Sweet Vs Spicy, which one is worse or better?

The word of the day is repulsive since it is a word that can be used everywhere.




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