The adventures of tubed meat.

11 01 2010

Yep, you got it, we’re testing the limits of regiftingness. We’ve all received bad gifts before and then proceeded to pass them along to the next unsuspecting giftee. It’s a humorous part of our culture that has come to be somewhat mainstream in the madness of holiday gift giving.

So we were struck with the question, “I wonder how far we could regift something, perhaps a 3lb tube of summer sausage, around the world in a year?” And what you see here, my friends, is the result of a bunch of advertising creatives sitting around after work one day in December having a happy hour beverage: Check it out and follow along with us, as we’ve already breached the borders of Antarctica, which is both exciting and cold.

Happy Holidays, and see you next year when we can wistfully look back at the fantastic year 2010 was, and chuckle at how many folks received a huge hunk of sausage in the mail.




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