Get the mammogram, ladies

9 03 2010

With the prevalence of cancer in today’s society, preventative screenings are paramount to lessening the mortality rates for this disease. Most of us live the motto “oh, it won’t happen to me” and typically choose to not get screenings. Speaking from a man’s perspective, the premise of preventative screenings conjures images of bananas in the tailpipe, and is quite daunting. I can’t speak for a woman, but I’m sure mammograms are not pleasant, either.

Having suffered the un-awesome spectacle of cancer in my early 30’s, I sure wish I opted for the ol’ banana routine instead of invasive surgery, chemotherapy and countless doctor visits, CT scans, pokes, prods and pills. Thankfully, folks have realized the importance of screening for cancer before it’s too late, and I found this spot to be a humorous way to remind ladies to stay on top of the routine mammograms.




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