The Apology Line

17 03 2010

Found an interesting project called the Apology Line done in the UK. It was created by Will Bridges and James Lees and they put up fliers and billboards all over the country with a free line to call and leave anonymous apologies for things you’ve done in the past that you’ve been wanting to atone for. Apparently hundreds of people called in and left their apologies on a recording device. It really reminded me of our stories project we did in Wyoming, where folks would tell their stories relating to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

It appears that this project is looking for funding, as this page I stumbled across seems to be looking for donations. They have some apologies listed that they’ve already received, and boy, some of them are heavy:

“I’m sorry I stole chocolates from my brother when we were very young. I’m sorry that I was jealous of him when my mother took him on holiday without me. I’m sorry that I um, I cheated on my fiancé. I’m sorry that I took drugs when I promised him I would stop. I’m sorry that my… that I found my mother unconscious when she tried to kill herself. I’m sorry that I did not protect my brother.”

“I’m sorry for having an affair with a man who’s married and has two children because my boyfriend couldn’t be bothered to spend more time with me. And thinks that his work is more important than me. I’m sorry that I’ve wasted so much love on my boyfriend”

“I would like to apologise to my daughter who is twenty-seven now. For the fact that I always resented having a daughter. I wanted a son. And I wasn’t a very nice mother to her. I told her I’m sorry. Things in her childhood… I have never told her the real reason because I think it would hurt her too much. I just want to say sorry. I don’t want her to know it was me, I think that would be too
painful for her. I love her very much. Thank you.”

It really has that postsecret vibe to it, doesn’t it?




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