Kotex says, Break the Cycle

2 04 2010

As an advertising professional, I am sadly aware that my profession is ranked just above car salesmen on a scale of trust. Which is why it’s important to celebrate campaigns like this one, that demonstrate the positive power of what we can do. This revolutionary campaign for Kotex takes feminism from angry — to pee-your-pants-hysterical. When a girl gets her period for the first time, it comes on a flood of self-awareness and loss of control. The result can be a deep and nameless embarrassment. This campaign shoots for a full 180˚ — taking the product all the way from embarrassing to cool, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes even further to position the product as an instrument of power, via activism. Yes, we’re talking about tampons. Finally, this category gets some serious attention from the image makers. Why did this take so long?







One response

4 08 2010
Stream Companies

hahaha thats the funnies ad I’ve read in a long time…

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