Kotex says, Break the Cycle

2 04 2010

As an advertising professional, I am sadly aware that my profession is ranked just above car salesmen on a scale of trust. Which is why it’s important to celebrate campaigns like this one, that demonstrate the positive power of what we can do. This revolutionary campaign for Kotex takes feminism from angry — to pee-your-pants-hysterical. When a girl gets her period for the first time, it comes on a flood of self-awareness and loss of control. The result can be a deep and nameless embarrassment. This campaign shoots for a full 180˚ — taking the product all the way from embarrassing to cool, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes even further to position the product as an instrument of power, via activism. Yes, we’re talking about tampons. Finally, this category gets some serious attention from the image makers. Why did this take so long?





Don’t drink and drive

25 03 2010

We put these on the driver’s side door handle of cars parked in bar parking lots in Wyoming recently. The idea was to remind the patrons of the bars that they should be getting into the passenger side door, not the driver’s if they’ve been drinking. I know what you’re thinking, and they’re made with low-tack adhesive so they don’t mar the paint or finish on somebody’s nice ride.

Big letters

23 03 2010

What is it about big letters? Why are they so charming and attractive to us creative types? While I have no real answer to these musings, I can tell you that we’re all pretty happy to have the letters from the Denver Water channel letters billboard in-house. Now, as to what they get used for, well that’s another question. We’ve got all sorts of schemes as to how they should be used until DW needs them again. I’m voting for “You need us” on the roof of Sukle or me stealing the A and the D (my initials). I’m guessing the former will be much more warmly received around here. If you have any better suggestions, lets us know.

How many billboards project

10 03 2010

Oh leave it to LA to mix the artwork with the advertising, you pioneers, you. The How Many Billboards show is based on the philosophical proposition: art should occupy a visible position in the cacophony of mediated images in the city, and it should do so without merely adding to the visual noise. The thought is that art periodically displace advertisement in the urban environment.

Billboards are a dominant feature of the landscape in Los Angeles. Thousands line the city’s thoroughfares, delivering high-end commercial messages to a repeat audience. Given outdoor advertising’s strong presence in public space, it seems reasonable and exciting to set up the possibility for art to be present in this field. The sudden existence of artistic speech mixed in with commercial speech provides a refreshing change of pace. Commercial messaging tells you to buy; artistic messaging encourages you to look and to think.

The artist’s work will be up until the end of March.

And a Belated Happy Birthday to you, Photoshop

10 03 2010

Ok, I realize I’m a bit behind on the news that Photoshop turned 20 (march 3rd). Can you believe it? 20! Most of us here at Sukle Advertising & Design spend quite a bit of time staring at our pal, Photoshop. So, we’d like to offer our good buddy a very Happy Belated Birthday, and here’s to 20 more good years of inserting our friend’s heads on funny pictures and other various pranks it allows us to do (not to mention all that work stuff we use it for, too).

Get the mammogram, ladies

9 03 2010

With the prevalence of cancer in today’s society, preventative screenings are paramount to lessening the mortality rates for this disease. Most of us live the motto “oh, it won’t happen to me” and typically choose to not get screenings. Speaking from a man’s perspective, the premise of preventative screenings conjures images of bananas in the tailpipe, and is quite daunting. I can’t speak for a woman, but I’m sure mammograms are not pleasant, either.

Having suffered the un-awesome spectacle of cancer in my early 30’s, I sure wish I opted for the ol’ banana routine instead of invasive surgery, chemotherapy and countless doctor visits, CT scans, pokes, prods and pills. Thankfully, folks have realized the importance of screening for cancer before it’s too late, and I found this spot to be a humorous way to remind ladies to stay on top of the routine mammograms.

Nice art direction.

5 03 2010

Really like the looks of these ads, some more great work done by Goodby. I stumbled upon these while cruising the Lab Partners blog, as they seem to be the magic behind these beautiful illustrations. We at Sukle live our work lives by the adage that the idea is king. It’s what drives our projects and is what often keeps us sharp, mentally. But, as these ads prove, having a mind-bogglingly clever concept isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, just having a beautiful piece that conveys the message well is just as successful. Kudos folks, this stuff is really nice.