Brilliant or Bust: The One Show Lode presented by ADCD

12 01 2010

Come check out the latest and greatest creative campaigns in advertising, design and interactive, presented by The One Club’s Kevin Swanepoel and Mark Warlick. The One Show is considered the world’s premier award show, and ADCD is proud to bring them to Denver for a sixth straight year.

Starz! Film Center, 900 Auraria Parkway
Thursday, January 14th
6-7 social hour
7-9 presentation

ADCD Members: Free
Student Non-Members: $15
Non-Members: $20

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15 12 2009

We Are Animals

It’s not that often that I’m really, really moved by advertising. Especially from a brand I thought I’d never believe in. But this does it for me.

Wrangler Europe won the Grand Prix for Print at Cannes recently. For a campaign that asks us not to think, I’ve had a hard time getting it out of my mind. It’s a brilliant counterpoint to Levi’s highbrow literary path.

Wrangler shows us images of man living as animals. The way we might have lived before we were accountants, businessmen and receptionists. Before we lived by clocks and calendars. Before we made our lives safe, dull and mind numbing. We were animals, independent and self-reliant.

In America, people who wear Wrangler live in brutal, rugged country where a person is reminded of their human-scale limits every day—where people live by their own rules, and die by them, too. Wrangler justifiably owns a piece of that American animal instinct. The most interesting part of all is that they’re selling it to Europeans.



28 10 2009

DW-Evolution-GrassWe’re happy that our DW Grass is dumb boards have graced the pages of Archive this month. We certainly always like to see our work in this magazine. Thanks archive.

Noodles & Company in Archive

12 01 2009




The latest Archive came out a few weeks ago and included Sukle’s “Be Balanced” campaign for Noodles & Company. Props to Caryn Arredondo: Art Director/Illustrator and Jim Glynn: Copywriter.

Ahhhh, Venice.

11 09 2007

So, we got our Use Only What You Need stuff into The Venice Media Festival. No, not Venice, California, Venice, ITALY. Apparently, they only accepted 30 campaigns, worldwide, to use as examples when explaining successes in advertising, especially pertaining to using the media in new and creative ways. Boooya.

Here is their site, altho it doesn’t really show work.

Sukle to Print, “yes?”. Print to Sukle, “yes!”.

11 09 2007

Print has featured a few projects of ours again this year. We’re always really pumped to have our stuff featured in nationally recognized and respected pubs like this one. Thanks to Print and to those at Sukle that made it happen.


This year we got our UOWYN bench and a Noodles Colorado Ad in.

Sukle in One Show Magazine: agencies to watch in smaller markets.

11 09 2007

Sukle rocking it in the One Show mag.

In an article about agencies “off the beaten path”, Sukle was one of the few agencies named for the Denver area. Needless to say, nice to see some spotlight shed on D-town.