Big letters

23 03 2010

What is it about big letters? Why are they so charming and attractive to us creative types? While I have no real answer to these musings, I can tell you that we’re all pretty happy to have the letters from the Denver Water channel letters billboard in-house. Now, as to what they get used for, well that’s another question. We’ve got all sorts of schemes as to how they should be used until DW needs them again. I’m voting for “You need us” on the roof of Sukle or me stealing the A and the D (my initials). I’m guessing the former will be much more warmly received around here. If you have any better suggestions, lets us know.


Brilliant or Bust: The One Show Lode presented by ADCD

12 01 2010

Come check out the latest and greatest creative campaigns in advertising, design and interactive, presented by The One Club’s Kevin Swanepoel and Mark Warlick. The One Show is considered the world’s premier award show, and ADCD is proud to bring them to Denver for a sixth straight year.

Starz! Film Center, 900 Auraria Parkway
Thursday, January 14th
6-7 social hour
7-9 presentation

ADCD Members: Free
Student Non-Members: $15
Non-Members: $20

More info:

In the spirit of Halloween:

26 10 2009

mustachesThis year we’re all going as either Groucho Marx, Mario/Luigi, Rollie Fingers, Teddy Roosevelt, Salvadore Dali, or Magnum P.I.

LiveWell Colorado

8 10 2009

Announcing LiveWell Colorado, a non profit that aims to inspire the good people of Colorado to live healthier, more active lives. If you didn’t know, by 2048 all Americans will be obese in this country. Even though we’re the thinnest state in the Union, we’re on the same path to obesity as the rest of the country, and starting today, we’re aiming to change that trend.

We did a lot of research, speaking mostly to a group we like to call “teeterers”. This group of people are the ones who are overweight and have seriously been considering changing their lives, only they just need that actual push to get themselves there. Our overall target market included a much larger demographic (everyone in Colorado), but this particular demo was the one where we felt we could really make a difference, so we put most of our focus on these folks. The message we found that resonated with folks was that of finding a partner and challenging them to lead a healthier, more active life. We all know how easy it is to just skip that run after work. But, if you’re meeting someone to do it, maybe that motivates you a little bit more to get out there, even if you’ve had a tough day. So, get out there and pick a partner and challenge them LiveWell, whether it’s a race around the park, a dare to eat healthier foods or just a daily meet up for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s that easy. Start small, and work your way up, encouraging people along the way.

Coolest post it pad ever:

7 08 2009

3736811821_a4bb37be26_oI was trying to muster some chip off the ‘ol block joke, but it’s friday afternoon and the brain cells are spent. Feel free to create your own joke. More info on the pad here.

Congrats Denver

21 07 2009

phpThumbYay for Denver. We just saw on the list of top 15 sustainable cities in the country we’re ranking #9. Nice work Denver and nice work Denver Water.

Grass is dumb.

20 07 2009


In an effort to reduce lawn watering this summer we let the grass speak for itself. What it says is not MENSA-level thinking, to say the least. Signs were posted around high traffic pedestrian areas in Denver. The talk bubbles in the grass all contain dumb comments, and the final sign ties it all together, saying “Grass is dumb. Water 2 minutes less. Your lawn won’t notice.” So far we’ve had all kinds of folks letting us know how much they’ve enjoyed finding the signs and reading the lines, and how they’ve become conversation starters in their neighborhoods. Perfect.