A poochstache

25 03 2010

It’s not unusual to show up at Sukle to a gaggle of hairy four-leggeds. Folks like to bring their dogs on occasion to hang w/ us whilst we work away on our favorite clients. They seem to enjoy roaming the premises, and we get much enjoyment having them around. However, I believe we could get a lot more enjoyment from them if they all had rather large handlebar mustaches. Que drum roll: Humunga Stache dog toy.



23 03 2010

As if we didn’t already love the Heads of State, now we want to have their babies. Kidding, but we stumbled across their travel poster series and just love ’em. These guys rock!

MJ Dolls

18 03 2010

How classic is the hair on fire with the Pepsi can? Awaiting the release of the MJ with his hand down Emmanuel Lewis’ pants doll. See more over at Cupco.

Via Carl at Fred & Friends

And a Belated Happy Birthday to you, Photoshop

10 03 2010

Ok, I realize I’m a bit behind on the news that Photoshop turned 20 (march 3rd). Can you believe it? 20! Most of us here at Sukle Advertising & Design spend quite a bit of time staring at our pal, Photoshop. So, we’d like to offer our good buddy a very Happy Belated Birthday, and here’s to 20 more good years of inserting our friend’s heads on funny pictures and other various pranks it allows us to do (not to mention all that work stuff we use it for, too).

Nice art direction.

5 03 2010

Really like the looks of these ads, some more great work done by Goodby. I stumbled upon these while cruising the Lab Partners blog, as they seem to be the magic behind these beautiful illustrations. We at Sukle live our work lives by the adage that the idea is king. It’s what drives our projects and is what often keeps us sharp, mentally. But, as these ads prove, having a mind-bogglingly clever concept isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, just having a beautiful piece that conveys the message well is just as successful. Kudos folks, this stuff is really nice.

Poster Porn

3 03 2010

Was surfing around on Grain Edit and found a cool post about a poster show by Polish design unit Homework. I found the modern posters to be very nice. Nice to stumble upon these.

Google Maps Typography

2 03 2010

Interesting, although someone may have a little too much time on their hands.

“Over the course of several months beginning October 2008 to April 2009 I’ve spent some of my spare time between commercial projects searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms. These are the results of my findings limited within the state of Victoria, Australia.”

And if there’s any question whether or not these are actual locations, check the link for each individual letter after the jump for proof.

Goooooo Type!