Brilliant or Bust: The One Show Lode presented by ADCD

12 01 2010

Come check out the latest and greatest creative campaigns in advertising, design and interactive, presented by The One Club’s Kevin Swanepoel and Mark Warlick. The One Show is considered the world’s premier award show, and ADCD is proud to bring them to Denver for a sixth straight year.

Starz! Film Center, 900 Auraria Parkway
Thursday, January 14th
6-7 social hour
7-9 presentation

ADCD Members: Free
Student Non-Members: $15
Non-Members: $20

More info:


sukle likes baseball.

18 05 2009


We have a LOT of May birthdays here at Sukle. So, instead of many b-day lunches we conglomerated our celebrating and did a Rockies game last week. So darn fun. The Rocks lost, which stunk, but we all had a great time doing some teambuilding over a brat and a cold one. Thanks, Mike, for allowing us such a fun reprieve. We all had a blast.

Adult swim? Is that skinny-dipping?

12 05 2009

Picture 4

Art Director’s Club of Denver brings Adult Swim (home of Robot Chicken and Cowboy BeBop) to the Mile High City, this Thursday starting 6 PM at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. Creative Director Jacob Escobedo and “Bump Man” Michael Cahill will show Cartoon Network’s network within a network animation wares past, present and future.

Go to to reserve your seats now as seats are very limited. Food and beer will be served. Members and RMCAD students are free. Non-members are $20 and non-RMCAD students are $15.

Opinions of a Mexican Girl

31 03 2009

This weekend there is a not-to-be-missed show: Lucha libre. Real luchadores from the homeland. Unfortunately I have an “engagement party” so I won’t be able to go support the homies. We don’t have engagement parties in Mexico. We have the asking of the hand, in which the woman’s family decides if the couple can marry (like that ever stopped them), about 3 wedding showers (one religious) – mucho dinero is received, bachelor/bachelorette party, the actual wedding, the after party or hangover party where a big pot of menudo (spicy soup made with hominy and tripe) is devoured by the still drunk guest the next morning…. no engagement party. Sadly for me, there are engagement parties here.

Anyway I will be jealous of anyone who attends the lucha libre.

7:00 PM to 10:00 PM – Lucha Libre Mexicana – National Western Complex


Tap Project in Guatemala

16 03 2009

In February, I went on a two day tour of Guatemala. Although it wasn’t the Guatemala most Americans see, or any other tourists for that matter. I was there to visit schools that just 12 months ago had no clean water or sanitation. I was one of 12 people representing Tap’s advertising agency partners. Some of the agencies on the tour include Energy BBDO, Fishtank, BYU Ad Lab, Publicis West and Turner Broadcasting. In this video, Guillermo Paz, from Populicom in Puerto Rico, translates for some women in a rural school in Esquintla. 

It was pretty eye-opening to see how these children live. I didn’t see a single toy the entire time. Malnutrition and disease are predominant. But it’s the way most children in the world live. It’s one thing to see poverty in photos online, or on TV, but it’s entirely different to stand in their presence and share the same space. 

There was a bright ending to the trip when we had the honor to meet with the sister of the new Guatemalan president. She’s a true humanitarian, a water expert, and has a plan to return the identity and the dignity of the Mayan people. She has a big job ahead of her. I wish her luck and fortitude.

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What’s for lunch.

5 02 2009

We loooooove to eat. Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner? It’s the highlight of our day. Just a few hours ago, Michon filled the kitchen with SNACKS. It was a race to the kitchen as we stuffed our faces with little health cakes and beef jerky.

But these anti-theft lunch bags will deter even the hungriest of fiends. And if it doesn’t, you might want to start looking, here. I can’t wait to wrap my bratwurst and pimento cheese spread sandwiches up, suckers.



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24 06 2008

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Egotist has gotten our beloved market talking. We at Sukle really are pleased to see them stirring the pot a little here in Denver, and we’re keen to celebrate that by drinking beer they pay for. See you people there.