How to deal with creative block

11 02 2010

I love reading the ISO50 blog, as it’s always laden with great work, both by author Scott Hansen and others he writes about. I found this particular post about creative block to be quite interesting. He asked 25 prominent creatives how they deal with creative block. The following replies are interesting and quite varied. Take a look for yourself.


Little monday afternoon snarkyness

1 02 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know we’ve all got some pics we’re not proud of. But at sexy people, you can laugh at everyone else’s embarrassing photos.

McD’s around the world

28 01 2010

Ok, after working with some of our health-based clients we’ve all learned a lot about fast food and eating healthy over here in Sukleworld. Needless to say, we don’t really frequent the McDonald’s that exist every 45 feet in the US (that’s not to say a $1 double cheeseburger doesn’t come in handy in a pinch). Anyway, I found this site that shows the food offerings of the Golden Arches from around the world quite interesting. And some of it, quite gross, actually.

Goodbye Xmas.

19 01 2010

Man, what a great (and hilarious) use for the old Christmas tree.

Sketchy Santas

8 12 2009

Just in time for the Holidays. See more here.

In the vein of Thanksgiving, why not say thanks?

30 11 2009

Maybe all this giving thanks last weekend has gotten me feeling sappy, but I thought the Let’s Say Thanks website was a really cool idea. The jist of it is that you choose a card and Xerox sends it overseas to a soldier who is away from home. There’s a gallery of art, created by kids, and you pick the one you like and choose your message from 5 or 6 options. All the copy options basically say thanks, and that’s all that really matters. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose which soldier will receive your card, but it will surely make a soldier’s day a little brighter. It takes 2 minutes and is super easy, so go make a soldier’s day! Great idea, not the best execution when it comes to design of the site, but great idea.

My parents were awesome.

23 11 2009

I think this site is a funny and entertaining idea: my parents were awesome. Now, I need to go dig up some humorous pics of my ‘rents and load ’em up!