Pizza, Bea Arthur and Mountains

26 03 2010

Yep, that’s it, just Pizza, Bea Arthur and Moutains. Interesting blog in the vein of Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Somehow seemed appropriate for a Friday.


Interesting info graphic

25 03 2010

Found this little graphic pretty interesting. It breaks down the traffic to sites on the internet. I guess the ratios of traffic are about what I’d expect, altho it is a little surprising that Adult is about even with Travel and Weather, considering the multi-billion dollar industry that porn is. Saw this at Fast Company.

March Madness On Ice

22 03 2010

Don’t focus too much on the bracket because there’s some really good hockey this time of year.

MJ Dolls

18 03 2010

How classic is the hair on fire with the Pepsi can? Awaiting the release of the MJ with his hand down Emmanuel Lewis’ pants doll. See more over at Cupco.

Via Carl at Fred & Friends

Wireless in Afghanistan

4 03 2010

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “that does not look like my wireless router.” I thought it was some kind of satellite tv antennae designed by my brethren from back home in GA on first glance, but no, it’s actually a homespun wireless internet router. Yep, for reals. Apparently a group of volunteers from MIT have been working in Afghanistan to create a wireless network built entirely out of scavenged junk. And apparently it’s working really well. They call it ‘FabFi’, which is awesome.

I found this little gem on BoinBoing this am, and the full write up is there.

Google Maps Typography

2 03 2010

Interesting, although someone may have a little too much time on their hands.

“Over the course of several months beginning October 2008 to April 2009 I’ve spent some of my spare time between commercial projects searching Google Maps hoping to discover land formations or buildings resembling letter forms. These are the results of my findings limited within the state of Victoria, Australia.”

And if there’s any question whether or not these are actual locations, check the link for each individual letter after the jump for proof.

Goooooo Type!

New post its

2 03 2010

Post it notes line the pages of our Advertising and Design annuals. We constantly cruise these books of greatness and stick labels on pages we like, which means they get pretty darn full of random notes and papers. These grass blade versions of the ol’ standby would be a great improvement, and I know somehow there’s a great idea in them for our client, Denver Water. We focus a lot of our energy on trying to educate people about watering their grass properly, as outdoor watering accounts for 50% of total household water use. These guys could play into that in some sort of a guerrilla advertising sort of way. Maybe you’ll see them in our next campaign? Check them out here.