For fans of the color brown and strange Russian yodeling:

1 03 2010

I really don’t know what else to comment about this, except that I’m assuming this was filmed in the ‘psychadelic’ era of Russian yodelmongering.


How to deal with creative block

11 02 2010

I love reading the ISO50 blog, as it’s always laden with great work, both by author Scott Hansen and others he writes about. I found this particular post about creative block to be quite interesting. He asked 25 prominent creatives how they deal with creative block. The following replies are interesting and quite varied. Take a look for yourself.

Awkward stock photos

27 01 2010

Those of us who work in advertising spend a good bit of time surfing stock photo sites for images to use in creative presentations and even for final production of work on occasion. We spend many hours pouring through pages and pages of images, looking for just what we need. And yes, occasionally you come across something so odd that it provides that moment of entertainment you were needing to make your fruitless search a little less painful. Well, now someone has taken that moment of levity and multiplied it into a whole website chock full o’ odd stock photos. Take a peek at awkward stock photos for yourself.

I used to use the 5 second rule, but now I’ll use this:

22 01 2010

Found this here. Good stuff.


19 01 2010

Great FedEx spot by the folks at BBDO, New York.

Calling all fabulous clients out there who would love to make clever, smart and funny spots like this. Please call us immediately, because we would like to create said spots as well.

Reinterpreting information graphics.

19 01 2010

Information graphics are a part of our everyday lives. They’re often overlooked because of their inherent functionality, but can be quite beautiful. Artists Hvass&Hannibal decided to take a different look at such graphics. After spending time with the plethora of info graphics that bombard our daily lives (signage, stock charts and weather reports to topographical studies, lunar calendars, flags, etc), they began to notice patterns in the graphics and even used this as inspiration for graphical expression. Then end result is an interesting show called “Losing the Plot”. In short, the show consists of a series of graphic experiments that are all a sort of “visual word game” on the idea of collecting data. They are like distorted diagrams without context or information. Most of the pieces are made of painted wood, but there is also a series of 8 posters (5 hand benched screen prints and 3 off set prints) and a mobile consisting of 600 painted wooden sticks. Apart from being graphic interpretations of information graphics, many of the pieces are also inspired by textiles and woven grids, and 60’ies opart. Some of the pieces are also studies of light, colour-reflections and shadow.

If you go to their site click the first show to see some good shots.

Another write up at the Kemistry gallery where the show is being hosted.

What font are you?

19 01 2010

Fun exercise by Pentagram, asking ‘what type are you?’ (also, the password is ‘character’)