For fans of the color brown and strange Russian yodeling:

1 03 2010

I really don’t know what else to comment about this, except that I’m assuming this was filmed in the ‘psychadelic’ era of Russian yodelmongering.


MGMT cover on iphones.

20 07 2009

Ok, a lot of us here have iphones. And we love them. Every day we learn of some new application or function it posseses that blows the mind. The thing is just so darn handy. We all have different versions of the instruments, and we all butcher them trying to play them in the secrecy of our own homes (much to our roomate/spouse/friend’s chagrin). But, here we have folks actually playing something good. It’s the Mentalists covering MGMT’s “Kids” with just iphones. Pretty sweet.

Denver Water Toilet Remembers MJ

13 07 2009

The Denver Water Toilet gets down with the moonwalk, here.
Maybe it’s time for the toilet to get a glove upgrade. I’m seeing sequins.


Picture 5

Picture 3

Ok, just one last thing about Michael.

10 07 2009

Picture 8

Ok, I realize MJ has been ALL OVER the TV as of late. Yes, it’s been obnoxious, but deserved. I mean, this guy is possibly one of the best dancers ever. Just the mention of the moonwalk and it conjures memories of the 80s- MJ and his amazing moves were the icon of that time. We thought this eternal moonwalk site was kinda funny. Sure makes you realize a lot of people are really horrible at moonwalking.

So, in an effort to both recognize Mike’s dancfloor prowess and plead the public media to stop talking about his freakish nature, we thought we’d post one last farewell to the king of pop. Sad that it took him passing to remeber that he’s truly got the goods when it comes to busting funky moves and rocking the house, and is not just some strange, child-loving, plastic recluse.

One last moonwalk hit:

interesting music video

24 05 2007

Found this one a week or so ago. Thought it was quite interesting and worth sharing. Enjoy.