Opinions of a Mexican Girl

30 12 2009

There is a thing that I always find funny about this country, its obsession for sweet sugary flavors on all kinds of foods. The holidays have made me notice this cultural practice even more. It seems that salty recipes are reconfigured by crazy Charlie in the Wonka Factory to attract everyone’s sweet tooth. Sweet pickles, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, sweet salad dressings, candied sweet potatoes (aren’t they sweet enough), turkey with cranberry sauce, popcorn, bacon cupcakes, bacon peanut brittle, and my most favorite of all, the ever present baked beans! Even coke and ice cream taste sweeter to me here  as compared to Mexico.

This practice is like the equivalent of being pregnant and having cravings….And yet, we Mexicans are just as guilty of overindulgence because we put chili powder and lemon juice on just about everything. About 75% of the candy in all of their forms have these two ingredients sprinkled on them. Beer, margaritas, ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, corn on the cob, popcorn with jalapeños, meats, hotdogs. We are equally as bad, but it all depends which side of the taste buds you are on.

So Sweet Vs Spicy, which one is worse or better?

The word of the day is repulsive since it is a word that can be used everywhere.


Don’t Almost Give

30 12 2009

This headline stopped me in my tracks the other day. It made me feel naked. Like someone knew my dirty secret. Someone knew of all the charitable things I planned on doing, wanted to do, talked about doing, but never did. Somehow all the thinking and talking was enough to make me feel like a good person. I made my own virtual reality that didn’t require any hard work or sacrifice. This campaign is a couple years old, which is probably before facebook causes ramped up to their current frenzy. Maybe that’s the danger of too many facebook causes. They allow you to feel like a good person, without actually doing anything that will make a difference. The website for Don’t Almost Give lists over 100 Acts of Kindness. None of them are virtual.


You might be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder

18 12 2009

(lack of sunshine, basically)

Just in case, here is a make-shift antidote.

1. Drag this image into your downloads folder.

2. Make it your desktop picture. (set it to “tile”)

3. Soak in the rays.

(Sunrays by Dora Drimalas)

Interview with Hybrid Design

Super 7 Store

Hybrid Home

How much does NYC make?

3 12 2009

Somebody sent over this link yesterday and I found it quite interesting. It’s called envisioning development, and it’s quite educational and fun to play with as well. It basically shows how incomes relate to different areas of the city, by borough. Now, I really love to visit NYC, it’s an amazing and vibrant place, but I’ve always been amazed at how expensive it is to live there, especially Manhattan. So, naturally I’ve always wondered what a person requires as income to live there. Apparently there are a few brave souls who subsist on paltry incomes even in Manhattan. Who knew?

Ten Lords-A-Leaping

24 11 2009

Target’s Billboard in Times Square

If Christmas is the time when “want is most acutely felt,” then this shining image from Target tries to assuage a deep longing. In this beautiful example, a commercial image reinterprets old-world, oral culture — without irony. Here, the fairy tale is revived with modern imagery.

More so in New York than anywhere else on the planet, the businessman is tainted goods. We all know the men of Wall St. are getting coal for Christmas. They have let us down. This image completely ignores that reality and hits us right where we harbor an unfulfilled desire. We want our men to be noble. We want them to climb the white staircase in defense of Justice. Here we see them doing just that, but doing it in sync, not as self-interested individuals. These men are organized for the greater good. They move in the form of migrating birds, telling us there is a change underway. With red ties behind them, they leap upward like latter-day corporate elves, coming to lead the economy north. Well done, Target.



5 11 2009

Meow, meow meow meow.

Everyone loves CSA

3 11 2009

Picture 2

Everyone’s oogled a French paper promo at some point in their life. Watch 20 years of ol’ Charles Spencer Anderson’s designs all in a short video. It’s very cool.